Looking forward to 11/11/11

On Friday, we will all share a once-in-a-century event: 11/11/11.  People around the world have been making special plans for this day, planning weddings, births, parties, and more, because it will be an easy day to remember.  If you haven’t made plans yet, we’d like to mention that 11/11/11 is also Veterans Day in the United States.  Set aside to honor those who have served and who currently serve in our armed forces, this day provides us with the opportunity to say thank you to those who put their lives on hold and in danger.  So we’d like to ask you, what do you have in mind for Friday?  How about remembering this day by thanking a veteran?

Here are 5 easy ways to say thanks: 

  1.  Take a veteran out to eat.  This website lists many places where vets will be given a free meal or  discount: http://themilitarywallet.com/veterans-day-free-meals-and-discounts/.  One of the best parts of eating at one of these events is the camaraderie present and the new friends made.  The atmosphere is often like a big thank you party, something all of our veterans deserve.
  2. Write a vet a thank you note.  Maybe you know a vet.  If so, let him or her know how much you appreciate their service.  (Don’t forget the spouse, too!)  If you don’t know a veteran, send your letter to a Fisher House at a military hospital (http://www.fisherhouse.org/home/), a VFW office, nursing home, local recruiting office, or armory.  A clear envelope would be ideal if sending a letter to someone you do not know.  Cheerful thank you notes are always welcome.
  3. Watch the Veterans Day 2011 video on http://www.va.gov/opa/vetsday/ for ideas on volunteering.  From building wheelchair ramps for wounded vets to raking leaves for a vet’s spouse to driving a vet to an appointment, there are many opportunities to let one of these special men or women know you appreciate their service.
  4. Teach your children about freedom, soldiers, and what it means to value something enough to put everything on the line for it.  There is a Veterans Administration website just for children: (http://www.va.gov/kids/) with age appropriate info, games, and trivia.  You could also find a vet willing to share their stories with a school or church group.  Have your child join you as you shake the hand of a veteran.  Attend one of the many services being held to say thanks to our veterans.  However you do it, let your kids know how valuable our military is to all Americans.
  5. Participate in the Veterans History Project: http://www.loc.gov/vets/vets-home.htmlCreated to record the memories of all veterans, it encourages men and women who served in the armed forces to record their personal accounts of life in the military.       

However you decide to show your appreciation to our veterans, the one that vets say means the most is the easiest: just say thank you.  We’ll be thanking our veterans at Tritech, and we hope you will join us in making this a special day for other veterans, too.

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