New Courses Added!

Don’t miss the new courses just added to our fall lineup!

Crime Scene Investigations is designed for both beginning and advanced technicians and investigators, providing lots of hands-on activities, including mock crime scenes and various workshops. Four experienced instructors lead the course, offering their knowledge on locating and processing evidence, documenting the crime scene, setting priorities, footwear processing, forensic photography, and processing latent prints.

Crime Scene and Critical Incident Videography is a 20-hour course for CSIs and technicians, providing intensive hands-on training in the use of their chosen video recording device. From professional video techniques to technical operation and lighting, the student will learn how to make the most of videography and be able to use their video as evidence or release it to the media.

Additional courses are also available in August, October, November, and December. Sign up now before all of the seats are full!

Visit for more information.

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4N6FLOQSWABS™ Rapidly Absorb Minute Samples

If you haven’t tried FLOQSwabs™ yet, you will want to test this unique design for yourself.  FLOQSwabs™ are comprised of a solid molded plastic applicator shaft with a tip that can vary in size and shape, from regular to scalpel to buccal lollipop and more.  4N6-FLOQSWABS-TIPThe tip of the applicator is coated with short Nylon® fibers that are arranged in a perpendicular fashion. This perpendicular arrangement results from a process called flocking, where the fibers are sprayed onto the tip of the swab, while it is held in an electrostatic field. This process creates a highly absorbent thin layer with an open structure.

Unlike traditional fiber wound swabs, which resemble a mattress or cushion, FLOQSwabs™ have no internal absorbent core to disperse and entrap the specimen– the entire sample stays close to the surface for fast and complete elution. The perpendicular Nylon® fibers act like a soft brush which facilitates improved collection of cellular material. Capillary action between the fiber strands facilitates strong hydraulic uptake of liquid sample, and the sample stays close to the surface allowing easy elution.

FLOQSwabs™ are versatile and ideal for forensic applications.

  • Ergonomic and Anatomic Design: For improved efficiency in specimen collection
  • Rapid Automatic Elution: Instant and spontaneous release into liquid media
  • Improved Sample Collection: Velvet brush-like texture rapidly and efficiently dislodges cells and collects liquid by capillarity

CLICK HERE to go to the product page to see all 17 FLOQSWAB and CRIME SCENE FLOQSWAB varieties.


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Remembering the Fallen

Once a year, we take a break from our routines to remember those men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  We do this in various ways, from placing flags on the graves of the fallen to attending Memorial Day ceremonies to stopping for a minute to remember those we cannot thank in person.

It is good that we do this, for we owe an enormous debt to them.  Because of their sacrifice, we live in freedom, with the right to speak our minds or attend the church of our choice.  We are able to vote in peaceful elections.  We are free not to thank them, which is why we should.

At 3:00 today, we are asked to take a minute to remember.  Trains will blow their whistles, NASCAR events and Major League Baseball games will pause, bugles across America will play.  Our country will come together as one, to remember, especially now when events seem to be trying to tear us apart, that men and women gave their lives for the United States of America.  Not for a piece of land or a particular political party, but for a nation and her people, for you and for me, for the great ideals on which our country was founded – to ensure these ideals will remain.

We at Tri-Tech Forensics remember with grateful hearts.

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery



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Buried Body & Surface Skeleton Workshop

It’s not too late to sign up for next week’s Buried Body and Surface Skeleton Workshop taught by Jan Johnson, SCSA, in beautiful Coral Springs, Florida!  This hands-on, week-long workshop features mock crime scenes as well as an in-depth look at a wide variety of topics.  These include:

  • Bone Identification and Labeling
  • Crime Scene Planning and Management
  • Detection, Excavation, Collection, and Proper Preservation of Remains and Evidence
  • Victim Identification: Race, Stature, Age, Sex
  • Time of Death Estimation and Cause of Death Determination
  • Crime Scene Photography, Note Taking, and Report Writing
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Underwater Remains
  • Excavation Tools, Metal Detectors and Water Screens

This course will provide the student with the skills needed to reconstruct a buried body or surface skeleton scene. Mock scenes for this course were designed to assist the student in the importance of scene documentation and to obtain the maximum amount of accurate information to reconstruct such a crime scene. Both surface skeleton cases and more complex buried body cases will be covered in the course. Attendees will be assigned to a crime scene response team, and each team will be responsible for the investigation of a mock crime scene and the presentation of their findings on the final day of class. The teams will be graded on the amount of physical evidence that they recover from their scenes.

Upon successful completion, the attendees will have a working knowledge of the techniques required to investigate a scene where a surface skeleton and/or a buried body is present. This includes protocols, potential physical evidence awareness, equipment needs, bone identification and inventory, preservation of human remains procedures, search and documentation techniques, and courtroom case presentation experience.

To register, click here to go to

Jan Johnson on site at a workshop.


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Brand New for You!


Training Course in Florida


We are scheduling new courses all of the time, so be sure to stop by our training website,, to take a look at the new course availabilities. In addition to new instructors Hillary Daluz, Andy Khem, Alice Maceo, and Heidi Nichols, we’ve added many new courses that are available either at your facility or that may already be scheduled. We’ll be holding our first Fingerprint Science Extravaganza in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a couple of weeks, and there are quite a few courses available in our Florida locations. Interested in learning more? Contact Director Phil Sanfilippo at 910.457.6600 x 7800 or email him at We can even create a course specifically to meet your department’s needs!



SRN Barrier SystemWe’ve added the SRN Barrier Systems, providing privacy and preventing rubbernecking at crime scenes and accidents. Available in affordable combinations, there is an SRN Barrier System for every department. The systems are made from heavy duty steel and nylon, providing strength and wind resistance. Also available are beacons, weights, rolling bags, and additional tethers and stakes. (The system pictured, right, is our SRN-222000, the Double Barrier System.)


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Are you ready for terrorists in your community?

The recent terrorist attacks in France have Americans questioning whether or not a similar event could happen in their city.  Are we prepared for the new terrorists?  Would you know it if you saw jihadist symbols in your community?  What does the pile of bones left at a local park mean?  How about that unusual tattoo seen on a suspect?

Pentagon after the Sept 11th attack.

The Pentagon after the September 11th attacks.

In-Depth Investigation of the Signs, Rituals, & Symbols
of Al Qaeda, ISIS/ISIL, Narco Cults, Drug Cartels, More

TRITECHFORENSICS Training Division has joined forces with the Symbol Intelligence Group to provide the most up-to-date terrorism training available today. This course will provide information that law enforcement professionals can use to identify potential areas of concern within their respective jurisdictions by teaching students how to identify clues of extremism and radicalization.

Attendees will be provided with a knowledge base of violent extremist groups’ practices and modis operandi in order to facilitate more effective investigations and intervention.  Topics to be studied have been “ripped from the headlines” and are being seen throughout the world.  Comprehensive training includes symbols, flags, sacred objects, tattoos, case studies, and insight into the phenomenon of beheadings throughout terrorist groups.

For additional information, to download a course flyer, or to register for this seminar, please click here to visit our training website.

Dawn-PerlmutterDr. Dawn Perlmutter is considered one of the leading subject matter experts (SME) in the areas of symbols, symbolic methodologies, unfamiliar customs, and ritualistic crimes. In her SME capacity, she routinely provides law enforcement investigators, defense, and intelligence agencies with specialized information to assist in operations, investigation, and analysis. She has advised police departments and prosecutors offices on numerous cases of ritual homicide and presented expert witness testimony on ritualistic crimes.

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Wrapping It Up, Part 3

Helping you locate more evidence at your crime scene  is important to us.  Wrapping It Up, Part 3 shines a light on two products making it possible to see what isn’t initially seen.

Be sure to read to the end to see our last special of the year!


Kaleidoscope Trajectory Kits Reveal Bullet and Blood Stain Patterns    Fusion

Developed by Dr. Laura Pettler along with other significant contributors, the Kaleidoscope System focuses on the analysis and evaluation of bullet trajectories and bloodstain evidence along with other key pieces of physical evidence.  The innovative system allows investigators to objectively evaluate the totality of the circumstances as a whole using one system.

There are six kits in the Kaleidoscope System: three Bullet Trajectory Reconstructions Kits (Spartan, Fusion, and Clarion), two Bloodstain Impact Pattern Reconstruction Kits (Motif and Verve), and one Crime Scene Reconstruction Kit (Mosaic), as well as several dowel upgrade options.   For additional information on each of these kits along with a table of components, click here.


FoxFury Light Sources Provide Better Lighting ExperienceFF-MF-1000-SERIES-ALL

The MF-1000 Series of light sources from FoxFury were designed to meet specific needs anywhere a light source is required.  Available in Tac-Fire (White), Blue, Cyan, Green, Infrared, and All-in-One, the MF-1000 Light Sources’ power and portability enables each one to perform faster, more effective searches at greater distances compared to most LED forensic light sources.

Multi-wavelength LEDs are ideal for lab and field use, where this powerful light source can aid in searches up to 10 ft (3 m) away.   The MF-1000 cord-free alternate light source is accurate to ± 3nm, has an anti-roll head, and can be used underwater.   Highly durable, the FoxFury MF-1000 Lights provide an advanced lighting tool for all investigators.  To see these lights, click here.


Last Give-Away of the Year!


To show our appreciation to our valued customers, place any order between December 18th and January 2nd, and you will be entered to win a $100 VISA Gift Card!*

Happy Holidays!

* One entry per customer.  

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Wrapping It Up, Part 2

As we take a look back at the new products added to the TTF lineup this year, we have to mention two of our favorites: Bode SecurSwabs and BioSeal Body Bag Systems.  Each of these incorporates unique designs and materials to dramatically improve performance and reliability.  If you haven’t tried them, don’t miss the opportunity below – this deal will only last for a week!

SWAB-BSS-2-INACTIONSecure and Reliable Sample Collection

First we look at the revolutionary swabs from Bode.  The Bode SecurSwab™ 2 is an innovative collection system that integrates the collection, labeling, protection, preservation, transportation, processing, and storage of DNA evidence.

Through the use of the Bode SecurSwab™ 2 collection devices, there is more than 30% more recoverable DNA as a result of the sample protection and integrated air drying.  The design of the SecurSwab ensures that a wet sample does not touch any portion of the swab or transportation device (i.e. coin envelope).  This prevents sample loss during storage and transport.  The integrated desiccants create an environment that dries the sample and maintains a dry environment during storage.

Bode swabs are a bit more costly than the average swab for excellent reasons.  They are guaranteed to be free of human DNA and DNase, and their superior design reduces contamination risks.  The Bode SecurSwab™ DUO-V is the next step in swabs, containing 2 cotton-tipped swabs that enable the user to perform both wet and dry sample collection for forensic evidence.  Like the SecurSwab™ 2, the DUO-V includes components for collection, preservation and drying, protection, tracking, and transport.  This unique swab system allows for a complete, fast, and reliable collection.  Each DUO-V is individually foil wrapped for an additional layer of security.

A National Forensic Science Technology Center report called the Bode SecurSwab DUO-V Swab System a superior method for the collection of samples.  The DUO-V collected more blood than any other swab tested, providing the highest percentage of recovery.  To see the Bode SecurSwab™ 2 collection devices, click here.  To see the Bode SecurSwab™ DUO-V swabs, click here.


The Only Zipper-less Body Bag in the World     Sealed bag - with sealer

Second, we were excited to add the groundbreaking BioSeal Body Bags Systems to our product line. The powerful core element of all the BioSeal Systems containment solutions is the unique BioSeal Systems material, field tested by the U.S. military, which provides the security of a steel case with the flexibility of a lightweight foil pouch. Made from a poly–aluminum, co–extruded laminate, the material creates an interior foil barrier with a moisture/vapor transmission rate that meets Biosafety Level 4 Containment Standards as set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The exterior layer provides exceptional strength and durability.

The BioSeal Systems technology is offered in a variety of customized configurations designed to conveniently meet the specific needs of any work environment.  No matter when or where you need it, the BioSeal patented system for heat-sealing human and animal remains will provide you with exceptional efficiency and maximum protection.  To see the entire line of BioSeal products and watch a video on how quickly and easily this system works, click here.

Don’t miss this Wrap Up Part 2 special, good through December 18th only!

Save 15% on BodeSwabs!   Save 10% on BioSeal Body Bag Systems*!

For a week only, receive these incredible discounts on Bode SecurSwabs and BioSeal Body Bag Systems*.  You must call our customer service representatives (800-438-7884 or 910-457-6600) to receive this special.  Don’t miss this one – it won’t come around again anytime soon!

* BioSeal Body Bag Systems discount applies to the following reorder numbers  only: BB-SP, BB-SS, BB-MS, BB-WMS, BB-SR300, BB-SR100, BB-VDR, BB-WMR.





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Wrapping It Up, Part 1

Every year, the TRITECHFORENSICS team searches for new methods and products in our industry, ensuring our customers have access to the best tools possible.  As 2014 comes to a close, we are taking a look back at some of the new items we’ve added to our inventory.  (Be sure to read to the end for a special week-only offer!)

The Double Loop Latent Print Kit is a value-added Ridge™ kit featuring 4 standard and 4 magnetic latent print powders in addition to 4 brushes, a large magnetic wand, several lifting options, and scales

The Ridge™ Double Loop
Latent Print Kit

The beginning of 2014 saw the introduction of our exclusive latent print product line, Ridge, designed to provide high-quality products at great prices.  After much research, six new latent print collection kits were released.  These value-added kits include the most popular powder colors along with lifters or lifting tape and the appropriate applicators for the powder type included in each kit.  For a complete list of included components and a comparison chart, click this link: Ridge table.  Or see all of the kits here.

We also saw a need for better quality powder applicators, so we added Ridge applicators: Fiberglass, Sterile Fiberglass, and Carbon Fiber brushes, as well as a Magnetic Wand.  The brushes have a great weight and super bristles for delivering just the right amount of powder while the magnet in the wand lifts powder evenly and allows for a larger coverage area, reducing processing time.  We also included the Rotating Sifter Jar to reduce waste and eliminate messy powder spills.  See all of the applicators here.

Carbon Fiber Brush, Large Magnetic Wand, & Fiberglass Brush

Carbon Fiber Brush, Large Magnetic Wand, & Fiberglass Brush

Don’t miss this Wrap Up Part 1 special, good through December 10th only!

Buy any three Ridge applicators and get the fourth free!*  This is a great time to stock up or to test one you haven’t had the opportunity to try.  Just insert the code “4Ridge” in the Notes box as you check out and list the brush or wand you prefer to receive, or mention this code when calling our customer service representatives.  Do not put the brush or wand in your cart as our system will automatically charge you for it.

*Applicators must be purchased at the same time.  Free applicator must be of equal or lesser value than other applicators purchased.  Offer ends December 10, 2014.

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As we Americans prepare for Thursday’s Thanksgiving celebration, our thoughts are on the great deals we are going to pick up at the post-turkey day sales or whether the Eagles will beat the Cowboys.  Plans for driving to Grandma’s house (and avoiding the snowstorm heading our way) or the massive feast we’ll enjoy are in the works, and we are all looking forward to some extra time with our families.

And in the middle of this delightful chaos, we’ll take a few moments to be thankful for something.  Perhaps it is our family and friends or the roof over our heads.  Maybe it’s good health, our jobs, or the police officer who responded to our call for help.

At Tri-Tech Forensics, we are thankful for all of these things and more.  We are also thankful to all of our customers whose loyalty and business mean so much to us.  We are proud of the jobs we do, the products we sell, and the custom work that is created from the heart.  We know we aren’t out there fighting crime, but we like to think of ourselves as your partner, a company you can turn to when you need a solution to a problem or just a replacement product.

From the Tri-Tech family to yours, may your Thanksgiving be full of all good things.




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