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Crime Scene Sketch Templates

While photographs are useful, scale drawings of a crime scene can provide far more precise information pertaining to distances from objects in a room to the evidence and provide a jury with a bird's eye view of the crime scene.

Our plastic templates aid in these drawings by giving investigators correct proportion and uniformity in sketches.

There are 9 template options, ranging from traffic accident investigation to human figure sketching. 

For detailed information about each template, hold your mouse over each name in the table below.

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Crime Scene Template $16.50 $16.50 + Add to Favorites
House Furnishing Template $9.25 $9.25 + Add to Favorites
Human Figure Template $16.50 $16.50 + Add to Favorites
Office Plan Template $9.50 $9.50 + Add to Favorites
Traffic Accident Investigator's Template $15.90 $15.90 + Add to Favorites
Railroad Traffic Template $11.15 $11.15 + Add to Favorites
Large Vehicle Template Set - 3 piece $21.50 $21.50 + Add to Favorites
Double Traffic Template Set - 2 piece $15.25 $15.25 + Add to Favorites
Traffic Investigation Template Set - 5 piece $13.95 $13.95 + Add to Favorites


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