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Ulta Derm - Barrier Hand Cream

Ulta Derm - Barrier Hand Cream

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Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme protects against harmful agents commonly found in the forensic environment and has an active antimicrobial agent to kill known pathogens and help skin maintain its natural integrity. It is a protecting, sanitising, and hydrating crème formulated in an aloe vera base.

The innovative basis of the Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme formulation is its proprietary formula that forms a bond to the outermost layer of the skin, lasting hours.

The crème’s impermeable characteristics help prevent moisture loss and protect from the penetration of harmful chemicals (non-toxic), including latex.

Its FDA-approved antimicrobial agent provides protection from a broad spectrum of infectious pathogens.

When applied, the invisible creme adheres to the skin's outer layers, forming a protective bond, resisting wash-off, and delivering targeted levels of therapeutic and pharmacopeia skincare agents to the skin.

The ingredients allow enhanced delivery performance, resulting in improved efficacy, longer duration of action, and reduced irritation.

What is the benefit of a Barrier Crème that kills germs?
An Antimicrobial Skin Protectant containing 0.1% Benzalkonium Chloride has been proven to kill common germs that can cause infections and other complications of the skin. The Aloe rich formula has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme is an effective and non-obtrusive skin barrier that protects against continued aggravation of abused, infected, and environmentally sensitive skin. While protecting your skin against previous damaging exposure, it has the secondary effect of allowing the skin to heal naturally from within. Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme contains an antimicrobial (destroys or inhibits the growth of micro-organisms) agent to eradicate the germs that can cause colds and flu while maintaining healthy skin.

Will Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme help protect me from germs?
Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme inhibits the growth of a variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi and is an effective defense when combined with established protective ingredients. It is effective against gram-positive spherical bacteria (Staphylococcus) and gram-negative bacteria which can cause food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, and typhoid fever of septicemia (Salmonella), not to mention the many viruses it kills on contact. There has been no evidence of skin sensitization to the Creme, which is important since, ideally, it will be used many times throughout the day.

Where else can the product be used?
This product can be used in conjunction with gloves to offer a secondary line of defense against substances that can be harmful or of a reasonable degree of high risk. While providing superior performance and protection, this product is not recommended to replace gloves or other conventional protection against harsh acids and toxic solvents.

What gives it the “barrier” properties? Dimethicone is a silicone that forms a micro layer on the skin. It creates a protective barrier and the synergy of ingredients retains its molecular shape on the skin's surface. The protective barrier will respond differently to each individual. How long the product will remain effective is dependent upon a number of factors, including individual metabolism rate and skin exposure related to specific activities such as frequent hand washing.

Can Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme replace gloves?
A Barrier Cream is not a medicine and makes no claims to any medicinal effect(s). Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme bonds with the top layer of skin cells to create a previously unavailable barrier which will protect your skin against penetration from a broader spectrum of harmful substances. Is not a replacement for accepted protective devices such as gloves. It is an effective backup to their possible and documented failure. In fact, it can protect many users of these protective devices against the possible side affects of their use. And where protection is not available, or too cumbersome, it can become the first line of defense in areas of exposed skin.

How does it feel?
Invisible on the skin, Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme is smooth, not sticky or greasy.

How often should I use Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme?
Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme will naturally dissipate over a period of hours depending upon the individual characteristics of the user. Consequently, it is recommended that in order to receive maximum protection, Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme be reapplied every few hours and every 2 house for those who may wash hands frequently. In addition, so that you may receive the extraordinary benefits of Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme technology, the area of the skin to be protected should be as clean as possible and dry prior to application.

Can Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme be used for general hand hygiene sanitizer protocol for hospital personnel?
Not at the current time. Additional clinical documentation is needed.

Is Ulta Derm™ Antimicrobial Barrière Creme to be used in a clinical setting only?
No. It is gentle enough for daily use on the sensitive skin of children. It has applications in all businesses, medical clinics, food preparation services, and schools.

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