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Ulta Derm - Hand Sanitizer

Ulta Derm - Hand Sanitizer

Product Code: CL-HS210

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Ulta Derm antimicrobial products, utilizing BASE Technology, have a wide range of applications within consumer, commercial, and institutional arenas.

They present a holistic approach to hand hygiene.

BASE Technology represents a class of new, proprietary formulations incorporating Benzalkonium Chloride (B), Aloe Vera (A), Surfactants (S), and Emollients (E). It is the specific combination of these components which make the products non-irritating and non-damaging to the skin. While other sanitizers include alcohol, making them a risky option in certain areas, Ulta Derm is alcohol free, providing a safe option.

Ulta Derm Instant Hand Sanitizer is delivered as foam from dispensers.

The product is designed for frequent use and is highly effective, yet does not damage the skin's natural integrity or pH level. It requires no water to rinse, as it dries naturally on the skin and remains active.

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