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Evidence Drying Cabinet - 120V OR 230V - Single OR Double Doors

Evidence Drying Cabinet - 120V OR 230V - Single OR Double Doors

Product Code: EDC-1120

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These Evidence Drying Cabinets are specifically designed to air-dry wet or damp evidence containing biological fluids in a controlled environment.

They ensure evidence integrity and protect laboratory personnel from odors, particulates, and contaminates by means of four built-in filtering systems.

The drying cabinets are ductless and do not require expensive modifications to your lab for outside venting.

Ducted versions are now available - please contact our customer service representatives or request a quote for pricing.

EDC-1120 and EDC-1120/230
require 2 Pre-Filters, 1 HEPA Filter, and 1 Carbon Gas Phase Filter

EDC-2120 and EDC-2120/230 require 4 Pre-Filters, 2 HEPA Filters, and 2 Carbon Gas Phase Filters

Filter System
• Particulate Pre-Filter at base of access door
• Particulate Pre-Filter in interior of cabinet
• Chemisorptive Carbon Filter eliminates odors
• HEPA Filter protects lab personnel from particulates

Operating System
• A green pilot light indicates all filters are operating effectively
• A red pilot light indicates when the Pre-Filter in the access door needs to be replaced
• A red pilot light and air pressure gauge indicate when the HEPA Filter needs to be replaced
• A red pilot light indicates when the Chemisorptive Carbon Filter needs to be replaced

Washdown Features
• Built-in water spray hose with electric water pump
• Built-in drain

Additional Features
• Easy installation and relocation
• Ductless design
• Clear Lexan™ doors can be locked with padlocks or evidence tags
• 3 stainless steel removable shelves
• Fiberglass liner with rounded corners, free of seams and welds, prevents potentially contaminating material from being trapped in corners
• Lightweight and durable epoxy-coated, corrosion-resistant aluminum cabinet
• 2 year warranty

• EDC-1120 and EDC-1120/230: Ext Dims 76.5”H x 32”W x 26”D, Int Dim 55.5”H x 26.5”W x 22”D
• EDC-2120 and EDC-2120/230: Ext Dims 76.5”H x 64”W x 26”D, Int Dim 55.5”H x 56.25”W x 22”D

Product Information
Description Single Door
Shipping Information
Air Hazard NO
Hazard NO
Over Size NO
Over Weight NO
Standard Shipping YES

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