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Evidence Drying Cabinets -Mystaire SecureDry - 32"-72" - 110V OR 220V - Filters and Add-ons

Evidence Drying Cabinets -Mystaire SecureDry - 32"-72" - 110V OR 220V - Filters and Add-ons

Product Code: MY-FDR32

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SecureDry Evidence Drying Cabinets are designed to provide a secure and dedicated area for drying wet evidentiary items while creating a barrier to keep out the potential threat of cross contamination.

The cabinet utilizes pre-filtration, HEPA and carbon filtration to minimize the potential for environmental cross contamination and employee exposure to putrid odors or biological material.

SecureDry is constructed from rigid white polypropylene that is thermally fused in order to create a continuous chamber, eliminating structural cracks and crevices. The elimination of cracks and crevices allows for ease of cleaning and maintenance between cases and minimizes the potential for bio-burden build-up.

An optional timed 254 nanometer UV light is available for chamber irradiation, further reducing cross-contamination risk.

Added security comes from the powder coated steel doors with keyed entry, not found on other drying cabinets. This reinforced steel door is designed to provide a tamper resistant barrier while creating a positive seal between the chamber and the environment, minimizing the potential for cross contamination.

In addition to the door pre-filter, within the drying chamber is a second pre-filter. This pre-filter is referred to as a trace evidence filter and is designed to trap any potential evidence that may become airborne during the drying process.

All drying air must pass through the trace evidence pre-filter before leaving the drying chamber. This filter should be changed between each case and retained for further analysis by laboratory professionals.

By drying crime scene evidence with SecureDry you keep your occupational exposure to potentially harmful biological material to a minimum.

SecureDry Features
• Seamless polypropylene construction with blue epoxy-coated steel door
• Stainless steel drying rod and removable shelves
• Seamless polypropylene construction for easy cleaning between cases
• Four-stage filtration including dual pre-filtration, HEPA filtration and gas phase filtration
• Locking casters for added mobility
• Two-speed blower operation - airflow is increased when door is opened
• Notification lights alert operator for pre-filter and main filtration changes

How SecureDry Works

SecureDry IllustrationRoom air is pulled into SecureDry through electrostatically charged pre-filtration at "A". This pre-filtration is designed to remove gross particulate and fibers (potential cross-contamination).

Once room air is inside SecureDry, it circulates around the wet evidence at ?B? before entering a three-stage filtration process.

The exhaust air passes through an electrostatically charged pre-filter at ?C?. This pre-filter captures any trace evidence present in the airstream and should be removed between cases for laboratory examination.

Air then passes into the HEPA filter at ?D?. The HEPA filter captures potentially harmful biological material.

Air passes through the gas phase carbon filter at ?E? before exiting chamber. The gas phase carbon filter prevents putrid odors from escaping into the laboratory space.

Filter Specifications

SecureDry Evidence Drying Cabinets with one door require (2) Pre-Filters, (1) HEPA Filter, and (1) Carbon Filter.

SecureDry Evidence Drying Cabinets with two doors require (4) Pre-Filters, (2) HEPA Filters, and (2) Carbon Filters.

Product Information
Description 32" - 1 door/1 chamber
Shipping Information
Air Hazard NO
Hazard NO
Over Size NO
Over Weight NO
Standard Shipping YES

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