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Bleeding Control Kit - Public Access Nylon Kit (Single) - Rescue Essentials

Product Code: 30-8585

No matter how fast EMS responds, a person can bleed to death in as little as 3 - 5 minutes, faster than many EMS systems can respond to the scene. Rapid, public access to bleeding control products reduces time to treatment and saves lives in incidents of severe hemorrhage. This is the basis for the Department of Homeland Security's "Stop the Bleed" program, a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to act quickly and save lives.


Rescue Essentials Bleeding Control Kits provide the critical medical tools necessary to provide immediate life saving treatment. The clamshell design of the nylon pouch allows unrestricted access to all medical components. No digging through a bag or dropping everything on the ground to find what you need. This kit includes a windlass tourniquet, wound packing gauze, pressure dressing, marker for recording tourniquet application time, emergency shears for removing clothing to expose the injury site and protective nitrile gloves.


This compact kit is designed to fit into most existing AED cabinets without costly modifications, or it can be easily stored individually in this Wall Mount Cabinet. With its high visibility color and clear "BLEEDING CONTROL" labeling, this kit is immediately visually identifiable making it easier to locate when emergencies occur.


Kit Contains:
1  NAR Combat Application Tourniquet, Orange
1  Rescue Essentials 4" Emergency Pressure Dressing
2  NAR S-Rolled Wound Packing Gauze, 4.5" x 4.1 yd
2  TritonGrip SE Nitrile Gloves, Large (Rolled Pairs)
1  EMT Shears, Black, 5.5"
1  RE Mini Sharpie Marker

Dimensions: 8" W x 4.5" H x 3" D
Weight: 0.94 lbs

Shipping Information
Air Hazard NO
Hazard NO
Over Size NO
Over Weight NO
Standard Shipping YES

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