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GSR Collection Kit - 12 Swab - 10/case

GSR Collection Kit - 12 Swab - 10/case

Product Code: GSR-AA
The GSR-AA is designed for agencies whose crime laboratories use Atomic Absorption as their method of GSR analysis. Like all of our kits, the GSR-AA is provided with all necessary components for GSR collection. 

Kit Components

• 1 ea. Tamper-evident, pre-sealed Kit Envelope,6" x 9"

• 1 ea. Step-by-step Kit Instruction Sheet

• 1 ea. Gunshot Residue Analysis Information Form

• 1 ea. Pair of disposable Plastic Gloves

• 1 ea. 2" x 3" Ziplock Bag containing 12 cotton-tipped, plastic shaft swabs

• 1 ea. 3 ml dispenser containing a 5% Nitric Acid Solution

• 1 ea. Control Tube and cap

• 1 ea. Cartridge Case Tube and cap

• 1 ea. Right Back, Right Palm, Left Back, and Left Palm Tubes and caps

• 1 ea. Tamper-evident Police Evidence Seal for resealing kit after evidence collection

Quantity: 10/case

Shipping Information
Air Hazard NO
Hazard NO
Over Size NO
Over Weight NO
Standard Shipping YES

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